Parents and coaches stress the importance of sportsmanship on and off the field, and it’s important for parents to listen to the message they are preaching.

Year after year, we see parents who cause trouble on the sidelines, whether it’s a disagreement with the referee or they think their child isn’t getting fair playing time. While soccer can be an intense game, it’s essential that parents remember that what they say could have an adverse affect on their child’s game and development.  We’ve developed a Sideline Etiquette document to help parents remember several important lessons.

Please also remember that what is said off the field can affect a child as much as what happens on the field.  Station Wagon Syndrome refers to parents who criticize aspects of the game on the drive home.  They might complain about coaching decisions, badmouth the referees, or they may talk about players who had a tough game — including their own child.  This puts the emphasis on winning, and it sends the message that performance is more important than having fun.  Sports should be fun for children. Negativity from parents makes it much harder for children to enjoy the experience of playing.

NSC wants to provide to our young athletes a positive sports experience! Please help us to make every season fun!