Beginning with the Spring 2022, NSC will be implementing a $100 work bond per family. There will be a lot of opportunities to volunteer throughout the season! Coaching, team managing, field set-ups, lining the fields during the season, gear cycle, helping out at community events / tournaments are all examples of ways you’ll be able to volunteer! If you complete a volunteer opportunity by the end of the Spring season, $100 will be refunded to your credit card.   Nazareth Soccer Club is all volunteer based and we are very excited to have our club families involved! Thank you and we are looking forward to a wonderful spring season!

Question? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator

Positions we will be looking to fill:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Manager
  • Field Set Up (at beginning of season)
  • Field Tear Down (at end of season)
  • Field Lining (multiple opportunities throughout the season)
  • Special Events
  • Board of Directors
  • And more!

Sign Up Sheets:


Parking Help October 14 and 15
For the weekend of October 14/15, at the Lucas Lane fields, we will have to share the parking lots with the baseball organization.  They not only have regularly scheduled games but also a baseball tournament.  This will create a very congested parking area.

As such, we are working together with the baseball organization to manage and utilize the parking areas in an effective way so that attending and exiting all games is successful.

We are looking for volunteers to assist in managing the parking lot; specifically, the parking lot that is in between the playground and the soccer fields, the road (to the right) that leads to the middle gravel parking lot between the soccer and baseball fields, and the middle parking lot.  The volunteers would be in charge of identifying open spots in the parking lots, directing traffic in and out of the lots, ensuring parking is done in an efficient manner so that all space is utilized effectively, and facilitating drop off locations for players so they are not walking such long distances and/or parents can drop their child off close to the fields and look for parking elsewhere, if needed.

The first set of volunteers will meet at the shed which is located in the middle gravel parking lot between the soccer and baseball fields.  The remaining volunteers will take over the volunteer’s role upon arrival.  Vests and cones will be provided to support this effort.  At the end of the day, all vests will be returned to the shed.

Please note, baseball will also be providing volunteers so this will be a collaborative effort between organizations.

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Work Bond Completion Form

Your MUST fill out this form in order to be reimbursed for your workbond

Completion Form: Fall 2023 Work Bond Completion Form

Field Lining Instructions:

Click here to watch a video on how to line the fields: Field Lining