After the Micro program (U4-U8), players transition to the Classic program.  Whereas teams in Micro are often randomly assigned by age, teams in the Classic program are formed based on players skill-level.

Each season, the NSC Classic program provides two tiers of competitive play – travel and recreational.  Teams in the Club’s travel program are typically formed based on coach and player development decisions following spring Evaluations that occur in May each year.  Grouping the players on like-skill teams improves the development of all players in the program, because training can more easily address the needs of each player, and the Club can work to identify an appropriate level of competition for the group.

After teams are formed, the Club will work with each team’s coach to determine the team’s league placement for each upcoming season.  This decision-making process can be complicated, because the strength of competition in our regional leagues varies – as does the composition of our team’s rosters – from season to season.  NSC most often places teams into three leagues (below).  You’ll note they each have different age bracketing approaches.

Teams that outpace competition in the leagues above, assuming the team’s parents are willing to travel farther for appropriate competition, will be entered in CRUSA Rock Spring League (Bucks County), Inter-County Soccer League (Bucks County), or EDP (interstate).

Parent/Player Commitment
Whereas the Micro program occurs in Nazareth Borough and/or Bushkill Township, Classic teams compete in neighboring towns.  Parents and players need to be prepared for limited travel.  The Club’s most competitive teams sometimes travel for an hour to league games.

Many teams in the Classic program compete in tournaments during the season.  Teams in BMYSL will compete each fall season in the Garcia Cup at no additional cost, but other tournaments typically require additional per-player fees and longer-distance travel.  Tournaments allow teams to face new competition, compete in multiple games in a given weekend, and bond with their teammates.

The Club is focused on player access and has worked to keep costs low over many years.  Fees in the Classic program are higher than in Micro, but still very low – especially for travel soccer in the Valley.  Families/players must purchase their own uniform components during the registration process, though they can wear their uniforms for multiple seasons and until they are too small.  Cost per player each season is typically about $160, not including travel tournament participation and player gear – cleats, shin guards and ball.  To keep costs low, the Club introduced the GearCycle program in 2018, along with the Victory Fund.

ESU Partnership
The Classic Program has a long-term partnership with East Stroudsburg University’s soccer coaching staff, who provide player development guidance, Evaluation support, as well as year-round training staffing for Classic teams.  If you have questions for our Classic Player Development Director, Coach Rob Berkowitz, you can contact him here.

If you have questions about the Classic Program, please email